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Who We Are

We are an Audience Technology Marketing company, based in Madrid, Spain. Founded in 2016, we collect millions of real-time data points from online customers every month. DatMean is your one-stop-shop for high-quality, impartial and deterministic consumer data.

Our proprietary second-party data marketplace with its very sophisticated technology, creates a dynamic environment that allows retailers, companies generating relevant data, as well as brands and advertisers to operate in a more transparent platform with access to audience data that is more relevant and effective.

Our mission is enable advertisers to make much better usage of the available data by understanding the users’ behavior and to help retailers open a new revenue stream by monetizing their audience without losing their business focus or data security.

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Today, the lack of information and transparency is generating distrust with advertisers which is becoming a major concern to the industry. Transparency and visibility are a must´-have element when buying data.

Data is increasingly becoming a key element for clients particularly when activating on programmatic advertising.  This Data brings much added value when it comes from very relevant and transparent sources, which is why we say that the future of online advertising is in big data and algorithms.

Using transactional 2nd party data allows brands to better reach their clients by activating the power of this data, transforming customer knowledge into marketing campaigns and results.

We believe that using data for advertising is not just for big companies, that is why we aim at democratizing the use of data.

Do You Wish To Buy Data?

Do you want to buy data?

Digital advertising is changing very fast, that is why we talk about data planning and not only media planning anymore.

With DatMean, advertisers know exactly where the data is coming from. A wide range of data from different industries and data partners is available for you.

Our aim is to give brands data solutions: activate on programmatic campaigns, get insights and analyze audiences.

Build the whole customer journey using second party agreements, gain a deeper knowledge of your clients and determine which creative execution you should display during the entire their buying process.


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Do You Wish To Sell Data?

Do you want to sell data?

Monetize your audience in a safe and transparent environment.

Control your company’s visibility as well as the distribution of your data. You decide who has access to your data, in complete compliance with regulations.

You have the audience and we have the clients, be the first to join the big data revolution. Welcome to the new advertising world where you can play a significant role by monetizing your audience in a safe and transparent environment.

Get a new revenue stream without any hassle in a very easy way as well as insights and more information about your customers. Work direct with top advertisers and in media agencies.

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