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An empirical approach to problem solving is based on deterministic and meaningful data, retrieved from different touch points, where users interact with the brand. We use this deterministic data to build a rich end-user profile based on actual behavior.


We use mathematical analysis and years of expertise to grow your business. In fact, we think that mathematical analysis and the right people are so important we’ve invested in the development of our own data science platform to provide you with precise information about what changes to your digital marketing strategy will lead to an increase in revenue.


Data should be actionable at all levels of the organization and be properly visualized for leadership to drive strategy. We bring deep industry knowledge, curiosity and passion to help clients evolve from being data deficient to being data-driven, maximizing the value of this critical resource.


Our unique analysis process helps us determine the right strategy to follow in order to achieve our clients’ goals. At the end of the process, we generate an Insight Report that clearly visualizes our conclusions for our clients.


The programmatic & data revolution consists in evolving from media-planning to data-planning. This revolution is made possible through the sharing and spreading of the knowledge in the market.

Business Translator

We bring together the right people, tools, and data to transform your business, delivering strategic data solutions across the enterprise. Working in collaboration with your company, and using math-based technologies, we pinpoint and then deliver the exact digital marketing services you need.

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We're at the edge of our industry. We have a holistic view, interested in engaging and developing the whole digital cycle. We bring together conscious and unconscious aspects as well as rational and irrational aspects. We believe in transparency and in becoming a partner to our clients in a fair, rich, and full relationship that both sides benefit from. We love sharing our knowledge, giving you a better understanding of how programmatic and data activation will impact and improve your business. We believe not just in intellect but in emotion, instinct and intuition as well. We are firmly convinced of our “multiple Intelligence” approach that combines insight, rationality, logic, emotion, hunches, gut-feel, creativity, a sense of harmony and rhythm. We believe there are more than five senses and that all of them should be used.


If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough. -Albert Einstein-

jose luis

José Luis Valdivielso

CEO & Co-Founder

salvatore cospito

Salvatore Cospito

CTO & Co-Founder

rocio baztan

Rocío Baztán

COO & Co-Founder

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